- The Pivotal Journey -

Pivotal Chocolates entered into the world of edibles with the desire of bringing relief to those who need it. It all started when our founder Bridget Ludy, who is a master chocolatier with 40 years experience, created Bibby's Chocolate Inc. as a way to assist her aunt with in home care expenses as she was suffering from Alzheimer's. Through 8 years of watching what her aunt went through, she became an impassioned advocate for those who suffer and can't find relief. 
Shortly after her aunts passing, requests to bring her chocolate to the "Cannabis World" started flooding in. This was not something Bridget and the team wished to stumble into haphazardly. When they decided that an edibles business was worth a look, they moved forward with a plan. 
First, they started looking into the numerous chocolate products in California and Colorado to examine the quality of what was available and begin to answer the question which was "What will set us apart?"  The answer was to provide accurate and effective dosing in a premium chocolate without having the plant taste overpower the flavor profile of the blend Bridget had developed which people know and love.
The next 6 years were spent fine tuning the chocolate, establishing connections, and growing an extensive understanding of cannabis and the industry developing around it.  With Pivotal Chocolates, that focus and dream has come to fruition. Try the chocolates and you will agree that they are "Simply The Best"!